Do you have dreams of finding that perfect career or would you love for the current one to leaving you feeling a bit more fulfilled? Do you long to find the ideal partner? or would you just like to find a way to re-invent a new relationship with your current partner? do you long to reconnect with your child and be a better guide to helping him/her find their way?


You know you should take action in one of more of these areas, but every time you do, your inner voice starts flooding with questions,   "WHICH action? And when? and What if it doesn't work out, then what do i do next?"


I am a firm believer that "everything is figureout-able." (Marie Forleo)


if there is something you want (within reason, people!), there is a way to get it!  

one of my greatest teachers, my father, always told me, "Kirsten 1+1=3."  There is no better way to reach a goal than with a partner.  (and it's more fun that way, too!) that's what i'm here to do.


Let's do it together!


The one day intensive is for you if you are ready to jump out of the passengers seat and behind the steering wheel of your life! 

You are a peak performer in one area (or more) of your life (admit it, you are!) but when you try and tackle this other problem area, the inner voice kicks in

"Abort! System shut-down! Play small."

well, Play small NO more!


This one day intensive is about creating a step by step action plan for you to take home and implement. It's about empowering you to realize the tools you already have and to help leverage the tools you need to build the business you desire, to create the relationship you want, to go out and get the life you design!


IS the 1:1 Intensive right for you?

It is if you want to.....


  • Breakthrough to new levels of what's possible for you.

  • Crush your limiting beliefs, push yourself out there and make the difference that you know you are meant to make

  • Figure out what your next big step is (new job, move, etc) and how to do that

  • Walk away with an step-by-step action plan for your business and/or your life

  • Get clear on your goals

  • Identify the tools and strategies you need to succeed


What you get

  • In-depth coaching packet: supports you on getting clear on your current goals personally and/or professionally. You'll gain clarity on what's holding you back from achieving these goals and how to "course correct."

  • Live intensive in person or via Skype. Live intensives are currently offered in the Los Angeles area. It includes 5 hours coaching in an intimate beautiful setting with Kirsten and includes, Lunch & snacks, too!

  • Step-by-step action plan for you to implement!


The investment

The current 1:1 Intensive package is offered at:


(two payments of $900)



(paid in full)