Hi! I'm Kirsten


Hi! I'm Kirsten

...who had big dreams of playing volleyball in the Olympics! 

It's a goal I never realized but I found a life I love along the way and so much more richness I could have never even dreamed I'd achieve after...

Missoula, Montana

I was always a little girl with big dreams and fierce determination. I never knew how I was going to get there, but I was always willing to try.

San Diego, California --> Williamsburg, Virginia

From Montana to playing volleyball at San Diego State University and then The College of William & Mary.  I graduated in 1993 with a degree in East Asian studies, conversational in Japan (having lived there one summer and studied it for 4 years) and zero desire to return to Japan.

For for the first time in my life, I felt completely lost. My athletic career was over, I knew I really didn't want to return to Asia (being nearly 6' tall and blond, I didn't exactly fit in), so I did what most college graduates with degrees in East Asian studies do, I moved to Eastern Europe (my parents LOVED that).

With no money, no job and no idea of what was coming next, I was a hot mess.

Budapest, Hungary

Despite being lost when I arrived, I managed to leave Budapest on a high with a hot guy from Eugene, Oregon, on my arm and an offer from Nike to work on their Eastern European business. So onto Vienna we moved.

Vienna Austria--> Stockholm, Sweden--> Amsterdam, The Netherlands

NIKE moved us two more times within Europe, before a wedding and baby #1 came along.

Beaverton, Oregon

By 2003 and we were living back in the United States after 10yrs abroad. Two babies after that and 5 years at NIKE's World Headquarters, and it was time for the Joneses to leave the safe bubble of Fortune 500 Corporate America and make a move.

But before we did, it was during my last year at NIKE, while I was running a program I LOVED, which I helped create, launch and facilitate, called Product Creation University (PCU), that I realized what my calling was, to serve others & help them reach Peak Performance.

I LOVE dreaming big, building the plan, chasing the dream and not letting any amount of rejection or denial get in my way.  And believe "you-me", woven into that story there are a TON of things that don't go as planned and there is NO Plan B.

Even after departing NIKE, the winds were still strong...

San Diego--> Buffalo, New York--> Los Angeles

Lots of things not going to plan along the way is what helped us land here.

I truly believe those are the real gifts, though, the ones that teach us who we are (if we're ready to listen).  Those are the tests to see how bad you really want it.

If the above resonates with you, let's go... I can't wait to connect and would love to help remove any blocks and get you onto the right path.

And if you're someone who's saying, "But what if I don't know what I want right now?" Well,  that's also fabulous! (seriously).

I love a blank slate... we get to create the life you love together. 

Kirsten's coaches, teachers and mentors include: 

  • Strategic Intervention Coaching Institute, Mark and Magali Peysha
  • Gina DeVee. Coaching & Growing Your Entrpreneurial Business, Divine Living Academy
  • Emily Fletcher. Owner of ZivaMind
  • Rich Litvin. Author of The Prosperous Coach.

Kirsten is the co-host of the #RaisingAthletes Podcast with Kirsten Jones and Susie Walton.