This week on the #RaisingAthletes Podcast,  we are excited to have United States Navy SEAL veteran, Jason Booher on. While he is currently the leader of the management consulting firm, Northwest Harbor Solutions, Booher served 23 years as a commander in the SEALS, leading teams in everything from basic SEAL training, i.e., BUD/S to commanding hundreds of combat operations as well as driving integration of cross-functional intelligence teams. He currently serves as an advisor to the local Southern California public sector as well as at the most senior levels of U.S. Congress, professional teams including the LA Dodgers and at RedBull High Performance, as well as is a guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT on Leadership.

Jason's life experience as a leader in one of the US military's most exclusive and rigorous branches makes him the perfect person to talk to when we want to know more about raising resilient, gritty, hard-working kids. He shares some incredible insights which are completely transferrable to the coaching/playing world for how to build peak performance teams! (Hint: it starts with accountability from within.)