Derek Cox was a D1 athlete who had never really considered playing pro football until a scout came to see him play in his senior year in college and told him he could become a “Priority Free Agent.” Derek said he wasn’t exactly sure what that was, but liked the sound of it. 

Because he wasn’t a First Round pick, Derek worked tirelessly with the hopes of landing a spot in the NFL…which he did. We spoke about the journey and and through the pro’s and now that he’s retired and raising his son with his wife, how have his ambitions and dreams shifted and what did he learn along the way which is helping him with his current dream of finishing his MBA and becoming an agent for players who are just arriving into the league.

It’s all about Balance is a theme for Derek. And while he talks about pursuing excellence with such clarity in everything he does from how he works out, to what he eats to who he surrounds himself with, he also is very aware that it takes balance to make it all happen.

For anyone with a teen athlete who aspires to make the team at the next level, whatever that may be— MS, High School or college, this is worth the listen.