Did you know that our brains are wired for stories?

That's why we can't remember what we had for breakfast this morning, but you can remember that magical trip post-college trip you took to turkey where everything that could go wrong did.  you got lost, bartered for lodging, ran out of gas, at one point you even lost your passport (on Christmas day, none the less!) and ended up sleeping in a hostel somewhere in southern turkey where no one spoke a word of english. (true story) 

I LOVE the power of story, which is why I love motivational speaking.

I'm fascinated by the idea that something I might share with you could possibly be the one thing you really needed to hear today.

That one thing that made a difference in your life.


I'm available to speak to teams (of all ages), schools & universities, conferences and non-profits on topics of:

  • Aligning Your Mindset with Your Mission
  • Getting Anything You Want in Life.
  • Five Things the Most Successful People Do EVERY Day
  • Intuitive Parenting (aka World Class Parenting, ha!)
  • #RaisingAthletes - How to Best Support Your Child in Pursuit of their Dreams



During my 14 years at Nike, I presented literally hundreds of times, either presenting product (I was a "shoe dog", which means I worked in the Footwear side of the business so spent my days briefing in, line-planning and merchandising the next season's line), or facilitating a class or inspiring an incoming class of new summer interns. 

Please check out my #RaisingAthletes Podcast with Kirsten Jones and Susie Walton (link above) to hear some of the topics we address for parents who desire to raise not only strong athletes, but extraordinary people.