I grew up on a lot of land in rural Montana. Looking back now, as an adult, on my childhood, I can gratefully say, it was an amazing upbringing.

My parents loved to entertain and we happened to have the perfect "slice of heaven" to do it. We lived on 29 acres in the middle of the forest, where bear and deer often meandered through. With fields for horses, a pool, a trout pond and a tennis court, it was the ideal place to have family friends over, where we'd swim until dusk and BBQ like nobody’s business.

Every get-together, after the boys had finished chasing the girls with snakes, some adult had inevitably gotten thrown into the pool fully clothed, kids had swam and/or played basketball (and adults had consumed some “adult beverages”), the sun faded and the stars came out, and that's when it got very memorable.

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Parents would sit around chatting about “parent things” as we, kids, roasted S’mores. As the evening wore on, we inevitably were instructed by our much older neighbors, who lead us in a Native American “Rain Dance.”

I don’t remember how often it actually rained after we danced, but I do remember the words and the hand motions (while dancing, of course), precisely (Spelling the lyrics is another story entirely. They might not be quite as precise.)

Ah-cooney, cooney, checka-ah-ooney.

Ah-cooney, cooney, checka-ah-ooney.

Eye-icky-eye-kye-a-na, Eye-icky-eye-kye-a-na

Ooh— w ah-ooh-wah-oonah kitchy.

This memory popped into my head as I heard about a very successful tribe in Africa, who apparently has 100% success rates of getting it to rain whenever they do a rain dance.

Wow! 100%? Really?

How could they be so good?

The answer is very simple.

Whenever they start a rain dance, they never stop… until it rains. Period.

How often do you start something, all excited as you begin. But after you get a quarter or a third of the way through it, you don’t feel like you’re getting the results you think you desire. So what do you do? You throw in the towel, of course!

If you want results, you need to dance until it rains.

If there is no forecast for rain, good news, you have more time to plan WHAT you're going to do. But when you are making it rain... you need commitment, perserverence, and grit.

I'd love to hear your rain dance plans... if you need help figuring them out or encouragement to keep dancing, you know where to find me!

Much Love