She is in constant flow.

She is always either creating or destroying.

Nature is never static.

Change is constant.

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On a hike last week, I had an interesting epiphany as I walked through the ashes of a 35-acre burn that had happened near my house over the Memorial Day weekend. When I got within 100 yards from where the land had been charred, the smell of smoldering ashes took over and I was immediately propelled emotionally back in time. That wiff of smoke brought a beautiful wave of calm and peacefulness came over me.

And I instantaneously knew why.

As a child growing up in rural Montana, my father used to spend his free time clear-cutting our vast property. We lived in such a remote area, you had better odds of running into a into a bear or a deer, than you did another human being. This is such a stark contrast to the way my children, growing up in LA, are being raised.

I remember joining him, as he burned excess tree foliage, to make room for our horses to graze. I loved watching him work. He was so at peace working the land. For me, this stench of charred wood brings back memories of simple, careless childhood times, of closeness to Mother Nature, and to a time when the only thing I had to consider was how quickly I could get my chores done, so I could go back to building forts with my sisters and friends.

So, as I walked through these blackened grounds and memories flooded in, I realized everything has a time and a place in our lives. Just as "she" took out the grown foliage and it had all gone, Mother Nature has now cleared a path for new foliage to grow, news seeds to be sown, new opportunities to develop. And, she does this in our lives as well.

What mode are you in right now? Are you creating your new life? Or are you in destruction? Are you ready to get out of the ashes and rise again?

Perhaps you are clear-cutting some dead weight so you can make way for something new... a new relationship, a new life opportunity, a new goal.

Not all destruction is bad, in fact, many times there is a beautiful silver lining. Mother Nature is right there supporting you in helping you create who you are truly meant to become and it is through this destruction that she makes way for the new.


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Much Love,