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My "entrepreneurial awakening" started 12 months ago when I decided that I needed to either "jump in with both feet" or quit pretending like I was going to "do this". Either "sh!t or get off the pot, girlfriend," was what my inner bossy self was telling me. I was tired of pretending that I could create a successful coaching business all on my own, without the support, knowledge or guidance of others who have gone before me. Ironically, I was offering my services to coach others without getting any coaching myself. Hmmm, strange how we're sometimes blinded by our own short-sidedness, isn't it? As a lifelong athlete, who has been coached consistently throughout not only her sports career but also her corporate one, it finally occurred to me that I could go much faster and further together than I ever could alone.

So, last August, I made the decision to invest in myself in two big areas (both financially and time-wise).

  1. I took a meditation course. I could bore you with all of the benefits, get more done, peak performance, better sex, better parking karma, etc., but in the interest of time, check out www.ZivaMeditation.com. It requires 20min, twice a day. And before you start listing all the reasons this won't work, just. check. it. out. As a person who's probably never made it past my birthday (January 15th) on a New Year's resolution, I can proudly say I've been meditating consistently for over a year now. Am I "perfect"? Does it happen every day, 2 times per day? No. No. No. Most definitely not. And this is the beauty of it... you don't have to be perfect. In fact, there is no perfect... all you have to do is be as good as the professional All-Star MLB players who. while making millions of dollars a year, hit the ball only 3 out of every 10 times they stand at the plate. Why can't you? I would guess I'm "batting" maybe 7 out of 10. When I miss... "Oh well, try again." And now when I do miss, I'm finding sneaky ways to "squeeze it in", like while waiting in the car for my son's practice to end. NOTE: You DON 'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. In fact, perfect is boring. Let it go.
  2. Divine Living Academy. I joined 230+ other women, literally from around the world on a journey to each grow our own businesses. I, of course, naively, signed up to learn about what processes and procedures I'd need to run a successful online business, which of course is part of it, but the real lessons you learn are about the journey within. When we understand what truly motivates us (i.e, our "why") and who and how we desire to serve and combine that with pulling back the curtain on the blinders we have to what's going on in our sub-conscious mind (i.e, our "limiting beliefs"), which keep us in fear, "playing small" and not only not reaching our goals, but sometimes keeping us from even starting.

So I as I reflect on my most recent trip, which took me back to one of my favorite cities, Paris, I see 3 big "wins" that may look like no big deal to an outsider, but have helped me feel 12 months in, that I'm "onto something." I'm on my path to really breaking open and creating even a fuller life I love. A life I get to share the gifts I believe I've been brought here to share.

1) Don't overthink it.

I've been literally wracking my brain on this one all year. Who do I serve? How can I help? What's my best angle? Blah, blah, blah.... boring! This is where the meditation can comes into play. When we let go, when we're ready to surrender, we've carried our pain, our worry, our angst long enough and we're ready to set it down, then the gift can appear. Whatever it is that you're telling yourself, "Well, once I figure THIS out, I'll be happy," let it go.


Find one thing you can focus on right now and do that. When that's done, come back to me and let's talk. We put 100 things on our to do list and then get so disappointed in ourselves when we flail after not living up to our imaginary perfect standard.


2) Let Fear be Your Companion.

Which leads me to the second point. We spend our lives being told, "Get out of fear. Fear less. Push through your fear." What if we did the opposite? What if we welcomed fear to the table, made her a nice cup of tea and said, "Listen, wench, I've got this thing I'd like to do and you keep getting in the way. What do you say, instead of me fighting you on this, we partner together? It's okay if you want to come along, I won't let you control me on this any longer, I'm really fine with you here, but just so you know, I'm going to be over here doing this ONE thing. I'd love your support. So what do you say? You in?" Talk to her (Out loud. Go ahead, she won't mind). Let her know you see her. And then take a step forward.

3) You 've got options.

Ever get so stuck in your way of thinking, you can't see "the forest for the trees?" This must get done and it must get done this way. Hate to over stress this point, but it is only when we are able to tap into our unfocused mind (through meditation and other mundane activities- yes, like gardening or doing the dishes or taking out the trash) that we start to see other possibilities. Other solutions to that problem we were so sure there was only one way to solve.

I've had this epiphany in my business lately. I was thinking that there was only one way to "do this." I needed to "follow the formula" that was being presented, because it worked for her. Well, it could work for you as well.... or not. And when I was open to other solutions, ways that feel truly good to ME, I realized I was onto something. If we're creating something but it's not in our true, authentic way, it may work in the short term, but it will NEVER be sustainable in the long run. Even if you're able to fool yourself for a few minutes, months, or years, eventually you'll either get frustrated and angry about your lack of results or even if you are able to get the results you desire on paper, you won't be happy or fulfilled while you're doing it.

Our hearts and souls know when we 're doing something joyfully and whole-heartedly. How is your life running now? Are you moving on your path with joy or is it running you into the ground? There's no time like the present to course-correct.