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I had the privilege of hearing Jack Canfield, author of the New York Time's Best-Selling book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, speak last weekend at an amazing event called EPIC day, which raised over $55,000 for CMomA, an organization which helps place children ages 5+ into adoption around the world. It is truly a gift to so many.

He opened by saying, "When we were trying to get this book off the ground, I sat in meditation and asked 'What should this book be called?' The first day I sat and heard.... crickets. The second day I sat and heard.... notta. The third day I sat and eventually heard this voice say, "Chicken Soup."

"Chicken soup?" I thought. What the heck does chicken soup have to do with what I'm trying to create here, which is a book about inspirational stories to help others.

The following day in meditation the voice repeated this chicken soup mantra and I heard, "What does your Mother make you when you're not feeling well?"

"Chicken Soup." Duh.

Well, I'd like to tell you that once he had that title nailed he threw it out to a publisher who quickly grabbed it and it instanteously became the best-seller we all know it to be today, right?


The first 143 publishers hated the title and said, "Yeah, nobody is going to buy a book of inspirational stories, but thanks anyway." No. No. NO thanks. Nope. Don't like it. Dumb idea. Who are you? Not a marketable book....

The 144th publisher to answer his phone down in Florida said to Jack, "Hmm, that sounds like an interesting book, sure let's do it." As Jack explains, "And, boy wasn't he glad that he said yes."

Two YEARS after he wrote it, it was finally published. Fourteen months after it was published, it finally hit a best-seller list. Hardly an overnight sensation, right?

But once it did finally catch on, boy did it go! They have since published over 225 different titles, in 47 different languages and it's been read by over 500 million people.

So tell me... what silly ideas do you or your teen have that someone has told you once or ten times, "No thanks"? The ideas that come to you in the shower or in a dream or a meditation or while working out, but you don't think anyone will "go for them"?

THOSE are the juicy ones. Those are the ones that we need to get really clear on why you'd like to do them and what they would look like.

How do we harvest those? This is exactly what I work with my clients on and it's SOOO much fun!

I give my clients tools and guides to help uncover these gifts, which are often times laying dormant inside us. Maybe for your young adult its a passion for a sport that is driving them right now but they don't know how to reach the goal or it's a hobby that they would love to do more with.

Or, one of my current clients, who is a former D1 athlete, who is now figuring out how to translate all of her success from college in the classroom and in the boat (she was a rower), to a career she feels as passionately about, this is exactly the kind of stuff we work together on.

Her Mom, Anne, texted me the other day after she finished her first phone interview with her dream company, and was told immediately she'd be passed along to the second round,

"They told her immediately they were pushing her to the next step!!.... And it goes without saying, thanks for preparing her and for helping her to realize her greatness!! I LOVE how great you are at your job!"

I love my job! I am so grateful to be able to be of service.

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This week on our podcast #RaisingAthletes, we will be chatting with the Joe Abunassar, the owner of the elite training center in Las Vegas, Impact Basketball.

He trains NBA legends every day. I think he may have a few nuggets for us on what really matters when you're trying to improve your performance. I can't wait to speak with him!

Do you have a burning sports parenting question for Joe?

Reply to this email with your question and you may just hear the answer on the next podcast. (Don't worry, names will be kept completely confidential).

We got this!