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Some day I'll get enough confidence to chase my real dream

Some day when:

  • I'm 10lbs lighter & have been working out more consistently
  • I'm not new here any more, so I'll know people and will have connections.
  • I've taken that special class that's given me all the expertise I need to really go after what I want.

This past week I attended the 10th annual Mom2.0 Summit in Pasedena. I knew ZERO people attending this event. Ok, not true, I knew one person, but she was a presenter, so not someone I could spend any time with. I can remember a time when I would have been scared to death to do something like attend a 500+ person conference alone. This time it was fun, because I turned it into a game.

I challenged myself to put down my phone and as I moved from speaker to speaker attempt to make eye contact, smile and say, "Hello." That's it. How hard can it be, right? Well, of course, it isn't necessarily hard, but you do confront your insecurity of being perceived as the "unpopular one" who has no friends. (Not that anyone else is even paying attention to you, this is all going on in your head).

Of course, this is a fairly safe environment to try this as there are many other women who are in the same boat, who have come alone and are here to do exactly the same thing, network. It was a fairly low bar to entry... So I upped my game.

I challenged myself to make an introduction to the presenters of at least two of the topics which held the most interest to me... Podcasting & Book Writing. And this is where it really came together, because I am not at ground ZERO with either of these. I have a podcast up and running since February and I've been ruminating (with various states of ugly first drafts) on a book. Neither are beautiful. Neither are award worthy. YET.

But this is just the point. How many things do you think, "One day when I HAVE (the confidence) I'll DO (the book/podcast... insert your goal here) and I'll BE proud and happy of what I've accomplished (or wealthy or skinny or.... insert your goal here).

But here is the rub. We need to flip this script. 

BE... the type of person who writes New York Times Best-Selling Books or award winning podcasts (insert goal here)

DO... ONE thing TODAY in support of this goal

HAVE... the goal comes from within us, it isn't something OUT there that we are trying to achieve. We already have it, we just need to realize this, change our thoughts and act as if it's here.

So I did this... and I (uncomfortably) marched up to each of the presenters, introduced myself, told them what my vision is, and you know what? Each of them loved it! 

Please call me, the podcaster said, "WOW! I love your podcast idea, it's very unique and very needed! Let's connect." 

The literary agent, via an introduction from the NYT Best-Selling author, Jess Lahey (YOU ROCK, Jess!) (she was the one person I knew), smiled at me and said, "Amazing. I'd love to chat with you about your dream."

Life sometimes requires us to "fake it til we make it". I firmly believe we are better when we are creating.... what are you creating today?

I'll leave you with a challenge: What is ONE thing you can do TODAY in support of your dream? ONE thing. Be IT. Feel IT. Smell IT. Embrace IT. It is within you-- and it's dying to get out!


What I'm listening to right now:

This is a fascinating read about how the MOST elite people (Navy Seals, Silicon Valley, etc) teach themselves and others how to get into "flow states" whenever they want.

What if you could live your life in a state of creating your magic? You can. I can teach you how to...

Sneak Peak: Coming Next Week on the #RaisingAthletes Podcast

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Coming up on the next episode of #RaisingAthletes, we are SO excited to share our interview with 5, that's FIVE-time Olympian, Danielle Scott-Arruda. Not only did she play at the pinnacle of her sport for 20+ years, she became a Mom while doing it and it didn't all go to plan. 

We can't wait to share her story of grit, resilience and gratitude with you next week.

If any of this is resonates, please feel free to share with all of your friends who are also raising athletes. Our goal is to support parents in not only raising strong athletes, but extraordinary people.

We got this!


P.S. You can find last week's episode here.

Thank you, Paul Revere Middle School!

I had so much fun this week talking to 6th and 7th graders this week about chasing down their BIG dreams!

I just love the idea that maybe, just maybe, I might say something, which inspires a child to go after what they really want in life. Who knows...?

Dream Big(ger).