I believe strongly that the children are our greatest gift and when we give them the tools to truly learn to know who they are and understand the power of what they can achieve by believing in themselves, their future possibilities are endless!

Last year, I did an experiment and went into my 10yr old daughter's classroom every Friday for 6 months.  Over the course of the weeks, I presented what I know lovingly call,

"The Kindness Kit."

  • Stories

  • Videos

  • Exercises

  • Drawings

  • Games

Each week, we discussed lessons about overcoming set-backs, about "dreaming big" and going after what they really want. We also talked about what being a good friend means and "random acts of kindness" and about goal-setting.

I presented tools each week that they could take home and implement immediately into their lives to give them peace, joy and the sense of who they are is not only enough but a gift to be shared with the world.

At the end of the school year, the teachers and students presented me with this beautiful colored book with all of these quotes, lessons and learnings they took away from our time together.

One little girl, Sarah, came up to me with tears in her eyes and hugged me, thanking me for my time and telling me I changed her life.  I had no idea what her life is like outside of the classroom, but knowing that I made a difference to her week, means the world to me.  

Here is the beautifully touching note she wrote to me.

Do you know a school or classroom who

would benefit from "The Kindness Kit?"