"Kirsten was instrumental in helping me put a plan in place for how to balance all that is going on in my life: my work as a Film Director, my work as a Professor, my role as Mother, wife & friend, not to mention trying to figure out how to fit some fun and exercise in there as well!"

- Joan Stein, Academy Award Nominated Director & Film Professor at Alephi University.


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When you work with me, you will get clarity on your purpose, your vision and your goals. I'll help you to define clear, tangible achievable action steps and MOST of all, what I'm really know for, is giving you the mind-set and inspirational belief so you can take immediate action and get the results you desire!


The details:

  • This is the one and only way to work with me privately.

  • Programs are offered in 3 and 6-month experiences and I work with just a few people at a time.

  • Programs are bespoke, which means I customize the program based upon each individual clients needs.

  • The investment starts at $3500 (for 3 months of coaching). Paid in full discount or payment plans available.

  • Nothing in life is every guaranteed, but I do promise you if you show up and do the work we outline from the beginning, you're going to be thrilled with the results.



  • An initial 90-min jumpstart intensive.

  • 60-75 minute sessions (weekly or bimonthly sessions are typical).

  • Recordings of each of our virtual sessions is available (if you would like them) so that you can be fully present in our session and have the ability to review the important details later, allowing you to quantum leap your results.

  • Plentiful email & text support is available between sessions.

  • Session will take place in person (if you live in LA), over the phone, or via ZOOM private video conference. If we are meeting virtually (by phone or video conference), please call in from somewhere private, comfortable and quiet. 

  • We will schedule all of your sessions at the beginning of our time together.

  • Upon payment, you will receive instructions and all of the information you will need to set up your first appointment.

Are you ready?

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