• Are you tired of feeling like you set the same goals every year but never make any inroads towards them?

  • Do you truly desire to chase that dream business, lifestyle, health goal or start or repair that key relationship in your life, but are overwhelmed by where to start?

  • Do you wish someone would just "give you the answer Key" for your problem so you could move forward? 

  • Do you find yourself in burn out trying to balance it all, the career, the family, the work-life balance, the relationships?

Well, I've got bad news and I've got great news!

The bad news is, there is no magic bullet, no "one size fits all" that will get us onto the path to freedom without a bit digging deep and soul-searching. The really great news is, I've walked in your shoes-- from the "mean girls" who spit on me when i walked into HS each morning, to the cheating boyfriend in College, to the lousy boss at my first (supposedly) "Dream Job", oh, and the 3rd bad boss and the 5th one as well (all women, btw, so disappointing, not to mention uninspiring). 


                                  "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up" 

                                                                                                                 -Babe Ruth


While At nike, I helped coach and develop over 500 leaders in the areas of story-telling, brand creation, merchandising and go to market strategies. In addition to this, i worked onboard millenial employees to help develop skills in areas including risk-taking, career-pathing, how to be resilient, how to go after the job you really want AND work-life balance.

With athletes and teens, I've worked with those wanting to "reach the next level", whatever that may be, whether it's leaving a pro career to start an entirely new business or if it's a middle schooler making a difference on his club team.



"Kirsten was instrumental in helping me put a plan in place for how to balance all that is going on in my life: my work as a Film Director, my work as a Professor, my role as Mother, wife & friend, not to mention trying to figure out how to fit some fun and exercise in there as well!"

- Joan Stein, Academy Award Nominated Director & Film Professor at Alephi University.


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When you work with me, you will get clarity on your purpose, your vision and your goals. I'll help you to define clear, tangible achievable action steps and MOST of all, what I'm really know for, is giving you the mind-set and inspirational belief so you can take immediate action and get the results you desire!


 the 1:1 90-Day package includes:

  • 90-min jumpstart intensive call where we deep dive, assess your goals and decide on an action plan for our time together.

  • Five 60minute sessions, which can be done in person in LA, or by phone or skype  (every other week at an agreed upon time) to work

  • Email/Text Support in between our coaching calls. I like to supplement our calls by sending you (raNdomly!) supporting Audible books, podcasts, emails or blogs (bonus!) that may help shed light on your desired outcome. (you are always on my mind, anyway, so it just kind of comes with it).


The investment

The Best decisions I've ever made in my life, always revolved around when I got clear on what i really wanted and said YES to ME (career, husband, kids, moving, etc). Over the span of my life, I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into coaching, growing and developing myself, not only on the court as a top athlete but in the corporate setting as a six-figure earning employee as well. And, never, in my life, has it felt better than when I prioritized my dreams and said yes to my vision by investing in coaching.

Here is a fabulous opportunity to say yes to you. The current exchange for my 90 day coaching package is:


($2000 deposit with 2 payments of $900 each)


Discount for payment in full


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