As parents, we wear a LOT of hats! One of the biggest being head cheerleader for our children. But some times our kids just don't want to hear from us, even though we've walked in their shoes and just know can help them.

Here's where I come in. I can be a "guide from the side." Some one with no "skin in the game", who can objectively listen to whats going on, ask some meaty questions and help build a game plan for action.

So what might that look like? I help with many hurdles, including

  • Clarifying the Mission= helping them get clear on what it is they want.

  • Mindset= Understanding that there are tools which they can use which will help them in all aspects of life

  • Social and mental work includes areas such as : coping with anxiety and/or stress or prepping for a big moment (team tryout or job interview)

  • School expectations, academic pressure and how to come up with a plan that works for your teen

  • Are college sports right for your teen? What's the plan and how do we get there?

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"I think of Kirsten as a little angel on her shoulder reminding her of her magnificEnce!"

-Anne G., Mother of former D1 Rowing Athlete at George Washington University, Alexandra, on her excitement around Kirsten's coaching & support in Alexandra chasing her dream job at Google (and getting it!)

Teen coaching

two different Options :

Option I:  60-Min Laser Coaching

Sometimes we're not really sure where to start or how receptive he/she will be to an adult speaking with them. I totally get that. it can be awkward and feel like "therapy".

This is NOT therapy. In a quick 60-min laser coaching session, I establish rapport with your child, assess what their biggest concerns are and can give them a "taste" of what working with me feels like.   I guarantee they'll walk away "on fuego!"

 what's included in the 60-min laser

coaching session

  • 60-MIN INTENSIVE CALL he/she needs clarity around their issue, what's holding them back and a plan on how to move forward.

  • Assess. Create. Take action. In this skype session/call or meeting (if you live in the LA area), we'll get clear on what the issue is, we'll create an agreed upon plan as to next steps and I'll help him/her see that the path forward is one filled with unlimited possibility (and they are in complete control of this!)

  • EMAIL/TEXT SUPPORT after. I am here to help you, the parent, as well. I want to make sure that you and your teen feel like they have to support to make a shift. We all need coaching and this support (sometimes its just a voice that's not Mom or Dad's is what's needed).

 60-min laser coaching:


Option II:   1:1  Mission + Mindset Alignment

Sometimes we realize that our child is struggling with an issue over time and know that support is needed but don't know exactly what that would look like.

What types of help are your six week clients looking for?

  • Having stress or anxiety at school or in sports

  • Fear of the unknown

  • Prepping for a big life transition (new team, new school, new job)

  • Having a tough time thinking positively and seeing a future where their goals are attainable




  • 60-MIN JUMPSTART INTENSIVE CALL where WE DEEP DIVE, assess your teen's GOALS and decide on AN ACTION PLAN for our time together. This will be based upon a questionnaire you and your child will fill out together prior to my first call with your child.

  • FIVE 60-MINUTE SESSIONS, which can be done in person or over the phone (every other week at a mutually agreed upon time). 

  • EMAIL/TEXT SUPPORT IN BETWEEN OUR COACHING CALLS. I support you and your teen by helping with supplementary materials (podcasts, books, or articles) which will help them target whatever outcome we are trying to reach together.


  1:1 -- 6 week MiSSION + MINDSET ALIGNMENT:

$850 (pay in full)