Today we discuss a topic we often take for granted when we think of peak performance, SLEEP. 

Gary Trudell, who’s family has owned the Custom Comfort Mattress Company here in Southern California for the last 35 years, and who is a father of three teen athletes himself, understands the importance 

of young athletes getting good sleep to not only help their growing bodies produce much needed (HGH) Human Growth Hormone, but also to repair injuries, to help 

the brain continue to develop and last but not least, to retain new learning.

We spoke about the Five Ways Teen Athletes Suffer When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep and the fascinating study of the Stanford men’s basketball team, which shows the direct correlation between sleep and an increase in performance, both on the field/court and in the classroom.

We wrap it up with Gary giving us some tips to help get to sleep faster and then once you are asleep, to stay asleep longer. Our teenagers should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night. And unlike your cell phone bill, there are no “roll-overs”, if you miss it one night, it doesn’t help to sleep twice as long the next!

We learned a lot about importance of getting good Zzzz’s.  Please enjoy!